About me

I grew up in Strängnäs, raised by two intellectual language teachers. My father was also a religious mystic and poet. I eventually followed in their footsteps and became a teacher of English and French. I also studied law and journalism. When I settled in Stockholm in my thirties, I started listening to my inner voice and my acting career began: I joined a theatre company and also made short humorous films with friends. In parallel, I continuously trained and developed my singing-voice at the Royal College of Music (Musikhögskolan) and by singing in bands, as well as with other musicians and singers.

In that time, during a three-year period, I also worked as a radio programme presenter at Swedish Radio in Stockholm. My interest and passion for acting and media had now irrevocably become an integral part of me, and the jobs kept dropping in at a larger scale. So, in 2005, I finally took the decision to go pro “all in” and commit myself to this line of work and the life that goes with it. I am passionate about acting and voice work; to characterize personalities, to imitate, to present and to communicate.

The Actor

  • Film and TV
  • Web- and info film - Often hired because of my “hybrid” past
  • Theatre; from leading my own sketch group to performing in professional groups and plays
  • Music theatre; Teater Mitt i Maten, Vadstena
  • Forum theatre; POCKET; Persona, Police Academy and others
  • News presenter; Fortum Today (in English)

The Voice

  • Working language: Swedish, English, French. Sonorous and personal voice. Singer
  • Speaker/voice-over; radio commercials, trailers, info etc
  • Dubbing
  • Imitations; Scanian dialect (Skånska) and the dialects of Östergötland and Värmland, among other Swedish dialects. Also foreign dialects

The Instructor

  • Continous work as an instructor in presentation technique, body language and stage activities for individuals as well as groups
  • Courses at SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) in dialogue, role play and general communication. Much appreciated by the students.
  • My pedagogical background in combination with my ongoing acting assignments give me a stable ground for leading and instructing people who need help and advice regarding presentations and other public assignments.

Academic Studies:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and French. Teacher degree and certificate.
  • One year course in Journalism for Academics, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, Gothenburg
  • University Certificate in Law, University of Uppsala.

+46(0)739907572   /   micke_almqvist@hotmail.com